May 24, 2013

This girl, known her for 6 years now.. almost 7 and she and I basically have the same personality and same interests.We have the same short-temper and the same tsundereness LOLShe’s a lot prettier than me but she still treats me as an important friend <3We have so many small fights and end up stop talking to each other for a while [1 week max.] but we start talking again as if nothing happened <3I’m so glad we always make it through our little fights..I’m so glad we understand each other so well that we know we should just shut up and stop fighting or it would just get worse..Thank you for being there for me through all this time Momo :DSo happy to have met you ♥

This girl, known her for 6 years now.. almost 7 and she and I basically have the same personality and same interests.
We have the same short-temper and the same tsundereness LOL
She’s a lot prettier than me but she still treats me as an important friend <3
We have so many small fights and end up stop talking to each other for a while [1 week max.] but we start talking again as if nothing happened <3
I’m so glad we always make it through our little fights..
I’m so glad we understand each other so well that we know we should just shut up and stop fighting or it would just get worse..
Thank you for being there for me through all this time Momo :D

So happy to have met you ♥

I know you guys like what I post and like a lot of the things I reblog..

But don’t get attached to me.
I dunno when will I suddenly disappear off tumblr again and come back once in a while and see my followers have decreased..

Most heartbreaking thing of being on Tumblr ever.

I’ve got a University interview soon.. I’m so nervous T___T

On the bright side.. I might get into Uni LOL

And I’ve done my English and Maths prelim :D
Still got Music and Biology to do T___T

Ganbare Miharu!!

Honestly boy please stop trying so hard.. I said I only like you as a friend and that’s already the most extreme our relationship would go.

You can never understand how deeply in love I am with my Chisato, Sae and Chinen so please don’t try to understand me cos you won’t be able to V___V

I tell you I’ll talk to you later after I finish all my homework.. Do you know how much homework I have? I probably won’t even finish until after the holidays =-=;;

I don’t want to hurt you so don’t force me to state the obvious =/

I like Yuuri and Yaoi and animes and mangas and fandoms and fangirling over my biases everyday. I love everything I do on the internet especially on tumblr although I don’t even go on tumblr that much anymore.

I’m one of those awkward teenagers society don’t really accept but I love my awkwardness because that’s what I’m in love with. All my fangirling and crazy obsessions that I don’t want to share with you because you’re not one of us..
Me and you just don’t have anything in common and I don’t feel any spark of love within you so maybe you should just stop wasting your time on me and go find someone else =/

I’ll even use the most craziest excuse.. I want to be an idol and as an idol I’m not allowed to have a relationship with a boy [maybe not even a girl but lol] so I’m sorry but being an idol is more important to me than having a relationship.

Just had to let out my feelings..

Just now, I got confessed to..

By my kouhai..
And I dunno what to do..
I never been confessed to before (or even gained a Kouhai)
{My sister typed out the sentence above =-=}
But yeah.. and he asked me out to watch a movie on Saturday morning before he confessed..
Basically it went like this : -
Him : Aww, one day we should just stay up and look at the stars :)
Me : haha that’s sweet of you to suggest that
Him : Aha, It would be a nice thing to do. :P
Me : But I think you should do that with someone you like :)
Him : Oh?
Me : isn’t it something you do with the person you like? watching stars and that xD that’s pretty romantic LOL
Him : I suppose it is :)
Me : haha yeah :)
Him : Maybe I do like you? xD
Me : Aww :)
Him : What would you say if I did?
Me : Not sure to be honest
Him : Well… I do like you, alot.
Me : Is this a prank? XD
Him : No, im being serious. :)
Me : I’m a bit stunned haha
Him : Ive liked you for ages really, only recently did I build up the courage to actually talk to you.

Someone please help? I really dunno what to say or do..

My problem right now is I have so much school work and studying I have to do but I feel so tired and just want to sit in front of the computer and procrastinate.

Biology NAB [National Assessment Bank and I don’t even know why its called that basically its a test] on Thursday 15th November [Next week =-=]

Piano piece to be learned for Next Monday 12th November

English homework due Next Monday as well

Maths homework due Next Tuesday 13th November…

Then also this personal statement thing I have to write [basically an essay] and whether I can get into university or not all depends on this freakin’ essay.


I’ve been really stressed out by school lately once again.. but I’m glad to say I got pretty good results from English and maths so I’m glad.. at least.

It feels like I’m working so hard this year even though I don’t feel like it.. but the results I’m getting back obviously shows that I’m handling it pretty well…. so far.

My headaches are starting to kick back in now and they’re really painful.

At least Halloween is round the corner so that means I should enjoy myself for a bit before stressing myself out too much again..

Definitely not getting enough sleep lately though..

School is awful Eurgh :( I still have to worry about university as well :( Still need to start on my personal statement ;-;

Bleh also personal life.. Everyone seems to be lovey dovey with their partners except me.. feels so left out by my friends when it comes to this topic sometimes =/

You know I really love Tumblr.

It’s the only place where I can post/reblog about my fandom and my favourite idols and be as weird as I want without being judged.
It’s the only place where everyone supports me and loves me and I love everyone..

Unlike the real world..
No one in my school apart from my closest friends know anything about me but the basics. No one knows who my favourite idols is, what kind of past I had, what turned me into who I am today.

I just love everyone who surrounds me and my fandom on tumblr <3

So.. I had to write a script for english and I ended up writing about Sae OTL I thought I’ll post it here if anyone’s interested LOL -I hope they don’t fail me because of this OTL- Please correct me if I made any mistakes/anything I can change as this is actually pretty important LOL

All lights shine on stage, dramatic music plays, smoke surrounds stage. Sae in her early twenties walks on stage. She has short brown hair and is wearing a buttoned up white shirt with brown shorts and a pair of trainers. Sae looks around the stage, confused.

Sae : Where am I? Where did Yuki go? She was with me just minutes ago… I know I’ll use google map on my phone and locate my whereabouts!
(She starts fundling in her pocket for her phone and starts typing into it.)
It says no where to be found… then where am I? (Looks around desperately).

 : You, sir are in hell and- oh, I’m sorry. You are in the waiting room of heaven and hell, I do apologise though. Too used to my old job and still trying to get used to this new one.

Satan stumbles in with a big pile of documents as he tries to keep his balance.

Sae : I’m sorry, but who are you?

Satan puts down the documents. He clap his hands together to get rid of dust and clears his throat.

Satan proudly : The name’s Satan. The Devil of Hell… or used to be. Decided to give up my job since its not stable enough. Not enough souls coming to hell and I needed a more stable job like this one to keep my family happy y’know?

Silence as Sae studies him and gives him a weird look. She shakes her head  and blinks.

Sae suspiciously : Anyway… so… can you tell me what am I doing here?

Satan laughing : Why, sir, you died! Your time is up. (Searches in the pile of documents he put down earlier.) Ah! Here it is. (He pulls out a file from the pile.)

Satan shows Sae the file and the photo in the profile showed a face identical to Sae’s but with a different name and gender recorded.

Sae denying : That’s not me! Look, it says male! I’m not a boy! I’m a girl! My name is not Yuma! My name is Sae!

Satan stares at her, eyeing her up and down.

Satan : You are clearly a man, a fine young man indeed. But lying definitely won’t get you into heaven. It is a sin to lie afer-all. Also from what I see in your report here, you committed a large number of crimes in your life so it would most likely be hell for you, sir.

Sae starts sobbing as she falls to the floor.

Sae through tears : But it’s not me! I’m really not lying!

Satan hesitatingly : If you really insist so strongly that this person isn’t you, then prove it.

Sae stunned : W-What?

Satan : Prove it. Prove that you are not this person (points at photo).

Sae : H-How?

She stands up slowly, wiping away her tears.

Satan : Tell me something about you and I’ll see if I can find your profile, but it all has to be the truth - you can’t lie or make up any of it because I will know whenever a lie is told.
(He starts rummaging through the files. Sae does not speak. Satan looks up at her.)
Well, go on!

 Sae takes a deep breath.

Sae : Well, hello. (Awkwardly laughs) Umm, my name is Miyazawa Sae and Miyazawa being my surname because I’m Japanese and that’s just something traditional in Japa-

Satan interrupts : Next!

Sae : I’m twenty-two this year, born on thirteenth of August, ninteen-ninty.

Satan : (Looking at a profile) It says here that you were born on the thirteenth, yes, but not August though… January to be precise and you should only be eighteen years old this year.

Sae rolls her eyes.

Sae annoyed : Exactly! That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you! It’s not me! Look carefully before claiming that person (points at photo) is me! I told you my name so search for my name already!

Satan slowly : Right… okay. Miyazawa was it? (He rummages through the files again.)

Sae annoyed : Yes.

: Is there anything else you want to inform me about? (Picks up a file and opens. Looks at Sae and back at the profile he’s now holding) Sae was it?

Sae : Yes, Miyazawa Sae. You got that, yes?

Satan : (Looking at the profile) Check.

Sae : Aged twenty-two, born on 13th of August, ninteen-ninty?

Satan : Check.

Sae : Female. You got that, right?

Satan chuckles : Yes. I apologise for earlier, sir- I mean, madam.

Sae : Ethnicity - Japanese.

Satan : Check.

Sae : A member of a japanese girl idol group named AKB48… (She looks down and sighs)

Satan looks up from the profile and smirks.

Satan : Right, okay. Is there anything else you want to let me know?

Sae : I-I don’t know, is there?

Satan : Well why don’t you tell me about the good deeds you’ve done in your lifetime?

Satan smiles at her.

Sae : I’m not sure if I really ever did any good deeds though but does my career as an idol count?

Satan : (He raises an eyebrow) Why would your career count as a good deed?

Sae : Well, as an idol, our goal is to bring happiness to others and be able to encourage others and give them strength through our song lyrics to overcome hardships that they may be facing now or in the future. I believe bringing happiness to others is a good deed.

Satan : (He smiles at Sae) Very well. You have my respect and my sincere apologies, madam. I believe we took the wrong soul and you have been awarded an extra fourty-eight years onto your lifespan along with the sixty years you are already living now. Your profile will also be sent up to heaven meaning that when your time as a mortal human ends, you will be getting a first-class ticket to heaven and your place in heaven will be reserved for you as an apology gift for wasting your precious time. Now go and bring happiness to even more mortal-beings!

Smoke surrounds stage once again, Satan vanishes. Sae is left standing and blinking dramatically. Yuki runs on stage towards Sae. She has long brown hair and is wearing a casual dress with trainers.

Yuki breathless : Sae! You walked too fast! I turned round and you were gone!

Sae confused : Yuki, what are you doing here?

Yuki : What are you talking about? We’re out shopping for some new clothes since we both have a day-off today, remember? You said we need to relax ourselves from our loaded schedule.

Sae : Ah, yes…

Sae looks deep in thought, Yuki waves her hand in Sae’s face.

Yuki : Sae? Are you okay? You don’t seem very well.

Sae : Ah! Sorry! I was just thinking about this really strange dream I had, it seemed… so real…

Yuki laughing : You were daydreaming again?

Sae : I’m not sure, I think so.

Yuki : Come on, let’s go! I saw these really pretty top in that shop just round the corner. We can have matching tops!

They walk off the stage.

Going through the pain of wearing my elastics for longer so I can get my braces out on Halloween ;w;

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